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For Veteran's Day: A Wartime Romance

9th November 2009

In honor of Veteran’s Day, Fordham Press is spotlighting our books on war and the soldiers who have fought them all this week.

Letters_to_Lee-Cover Letters to Lee tells the story of Lt. General James V. Edmundson and his wife Lee’s relationship through a series of letters, vignettes, and period newspaper and magazine articles. The vignettes and letters describe chronological events, beginning in Hawaii in 1939, and continuing through World War II, during which Edmundson served as a pilot in 107 combat missions.

The book came about when Dr. Celia Edmunson, the Edmundsons’ daughter, discovered the correspondence following James Edmundson’s death in 2001. A true war hero, Edmundson went on to lead 32 combat missions in Korea and 42 in Vietnam before retiring from the military in 1973. He appeared in the PBS documentary, The American Experience: Race for the Superbomb.