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For Veteran's Day: A New Perspective

10th November 2009

In honor of Veteran’s Day, Fordham Press is spotlighting our books on war and the soldiers who have fought them all this week.

fordham_warThe United States and the Second World War: New Perspectives on Diplomacy, War, and the Homefront , forthcoming from Fordham Press in January, brings together essays on World War II that tackle the tough questions: What led to the United States’ involvement in the War? What contributions did the US military make to the ultimate Allied victory? What implications did the bombing of Hiroshima have on the post-war world and beyond?

Editors G. Kurt Piehler and Sidney Pash have compiled an impressive array of essayists, including Reiko Asai, Scott H. Bennett, J. Garry Clifford, Justin Hart, Nicholas Molnar, Sidney Pash, Anne Pfau, G. Kurt Piehler, Mark Snell, Barbara Tomblin, and Yutaka Sasaki.