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Praise for Letters to Lee

11th November 2009


fordham_celiaedmundson“Well, my darling, I’ll stop now. I hope this is the last letter I ever have to write to you. I hope I never get so far away from you again that I can’t whisper ‘I love you.’”  So ends Dr. Celia Edmundson’s book, Letters to Lee, a complilation of letters and vignettes written by her parents during World War II.

In an article in today’s The Observer Group, Dr. Edmundson details the meticulous process of getting her parents’ story preserved. She spent four years on the project, typing the handwritten letters (of which there were hundreds) and weaving them in chronological order with touching vignettes her father had written following the death of his wife, in 1999.  “I was like a fly on the wall,” Edmundson said. “At times, I felt I was there with them.”

Just in time for Veteran’s Day, the book will be available in stores mid-November.

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