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SPEP 2009–Derrida From Now On

15th December 2009

derridaIn October, SPEP (the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy) hosted its annual meeting in Arlington, Virginia. SPEP is one of the largest philosophical societies in America, boasting a membership of over 2500 people.

On October 29, the conference presented a panel titled “Derrida From Now On,” featuring Fordham’s Samir Haddad as moderator, and speakers Zeynep Direk (of Galatasaray University) and Geoffrey Bennington.  Michael Naas, professor of philosophy at DePaul University, and author of Fordham Press’ Derrida From Now On, was there to respond.

Here’s an excerpt from Zeynep Direk’s paper:

Micheal Naas’ latest book Derrida From Now On is comprised of several essays on Derrida’s late philosophy of politics, taking up the questions of nation state, secularism, globalization, democracy and Derrida’s latest assessments of Europe and United States. The title of the book is interesting for even though it locates itself in the “now” it performs not only a break with the past, but also perhaps with the present in order to open the future for a new philosophical engagement with Derrida. What about the now of Derrida, the now in which he lives on in the memories of family, friends, and students, and for others the now in which his signature no longer represents a living body but an immense corpus?

The full paper is available for download here.

Stay tuned for more from SPEP 2009!