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The Crisis in Haiti: Kevin M. Cahill and Humanitarian Action

26th January 2010

kevincahill As of Saturday, January 23, 150,000 bodies had been buried in Haiti following the earthquake that shattered Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas just 11 days before.  This number doesn’t even  encompass the countless homeless, orphaned, maimed, and missing people affected by the quake.

Dr. Kevin M. Cahill, Director of Fordham’s Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs, led a panel of experts on Thursday at Fordham to discuss the scale of the Haitian crisis, as well as the humanitarian efforts underway there.  Dr. Cahill has been a leader in global humanitarian efforts for over 45 years, beginning with his work in Calcutta with Mother Theresa following his graduation from medical school. He has done extensive aid work in Africa, Latin America, and regions in both the Near and Far East.

In addition to his work as a physician, lecturer, and professor, he has also written and edited hundreds of books and articles on the topic of medicine and humanitarian aid work. His memoir, To Bear Witness: A Journey of Healing and Solidarity, details his work in tropical medicine and his experiences working in impoverished and embattled nations.

His newest collection Even in Chaos: Education in Times of Emergency is forthcoming from Fordham in May. The book, which he edited, gives voice to children, aid workers, and leaders involved in post-crisis nation rebuilding. The main assertion is how vital education is to every community’s future, a notion that is especially on point when considering Haiti’s current situation and long-term needs. eveninchaos

Even in Chaos is the latest in Fordham’s International Humanitarian Affairs list, which also includes:

The Pulse of Humanitarian Assistance

Tropical Medicine

To Bear Witness

Human Security for All

Technology for Humanitarian Action

Basics of International Humanitarian Mission

Traditions, Values, and Humanitarian Actions

Emergency Relief Operations

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