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Love and Other Mysteries

10th February 2010

flannery They say love is a many-splendored thing…but they also say love stinks. Love is a subject oft-written, sung, painted, and spoken, but is it ever really understood? 

 Flannery O’Connor and the Mystery of Love, by Richard Giannone, seeks to illuminate the iconic American writer renowned for her chilling fiction in terms of her writing–plain and simple. The juxtaposition between kindness and violence in O’Connor’s stories is haunting, and Giannone writes that it is this hardship that brings grace.  Suffering is found at the heart of love and is its hidden face, agonized and abandoned. This is a love that is an anomaly and an enigma, for the wracked human body holds the glimmer of good omen.

 Forthcoming in March, we are pleased to announce Flannery O’Connor: Voice of the Peacock by Kathleen Feeley is back in print! 

With all of the flash-in-the-pan Hollywood marriages these days, it’s easy to forget that love can be enduring. Legendary CBS News writerloveoflois Edward Bliss Jr. recounts his sixty year marriage to his love, Lois, whom he lost to Alzheimer’s Disease in 2001 in the stirring memoir For Love of Lois. The book tells not only their story, but the advent of the illness and how the couple learned to strengthen their bond. Says Walter Cronkite in the book’s foreword: “The passion is not of a cheap novel, but the deep appreciation that only in the presence of each other is life complete.”