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George Washington: First Man

22nd February 2010

george_washington George Washington chopped down a cherry tree, had wooden teeth, and wore a wig.  He was the first President of the United States, his face is on the dollar bill, and he fought the English during the Revolutionary War. At least, these are the facts we are taught about Washington, the mythology that has grown around his name for the past three centuries. But what’s behind all of these legends?

George Washington: Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Leader , by Robert F. Jones, seeks to present all of the facets of Washington’s life in a concise, comprehensive biography. Jones portrays the American icon not as a saintly hero, but as a rather common man who achieved greatness by translating his practical skills into revolutionary and history-changing leadership. The book pays special attention to Washington’s political views and his struggles to lead a brand-new country, giving us insight into the roots of our democracy.