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March is Women's History Month!

5th March 2010

March 2010 marks the 23rd annual National Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the countless achievements of women in the face of gender stereotypes and struggles for equality. The 2010 theme is “Writing Women Back into History,” a nod to the fact that most accounts of American history quite simply ignore women entirely.

Fordham Press is proud to feature several books honoring women’s contributions, past and present, to American history and culture. American Women, Italian Style: Italian Americana’s Best Writings on Women, forthcoming in July, is an essay collection which seeks to bring awareness to the successes and triumphs of the modern Italian American woman. With topics ranging from cookbooks, inventions, Jewish-Italian intermarriages, and entrepreneurship, the collection offers an in-depth look at modern womanhood from all angles.

Freedwomen and the Freedmen’s Bureau: Race, Gender, and Public Policy in the Age of Emancipation is Mary Farmer-Kaiser’s in-depth exploration of women’s instrumental role during Reconstruction and their relationship with the government.

Thinking in Dark Times: Hannah Arendt on Ethics and Politics is a comprehensive collection of Arendt’s writings and photos, highlighting the thinking of a pioneer in a field primarily dominated by men.