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Deconstructing the Easter Bunny

2nd April 2010

Easter Sunday is one of the most complex and miraculous mysteries of religious faith. It serves as the cornerstone of Catholicism–the resurrection of Jesus Christ representing a new era of hope and healing. However, it’s easy to lose sight of the religious significance in the midst of the modern Easter taxonomy–one of Easter bunnies, baskets full of chocolate and candy, pretty dresses, and egg hunts.

Fordham offers a wealth of new titles that study Catholic history in New York, the history of music at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Jesuit history, a modern reading of Augustine’s groundbreaking Confessions, and a Catholic view of the Holy Land debate.

Here’s a list of more backlist titles to help you remember the roots of the Easter tradition:

Being in Love

Believing Scholars

Between Dancing and Writing

Cathedrals of Bone

The Catholic Church and the Jewish People

Catholicism at the Millennium

Citizens or Papists?

Fears and Fascinations

Finding God in All Things

Let it Shine!

Method and Catholic Moral Theology

Thoughts of St. Ignatius Loyola for Every Day of the Year

This is just the beginning of Fordham’s Religion titles. For more titles, please check out the full catalog!