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Meryl Streep Partners with Kevin Cahill and Fordham University to Promote Education

23rd April 2010

Academy Award-winning, world renowned actress Meryl Streep joined Fordham author and activist Kevin Cahill at the launch of his new book, Even in Chaos: Education in Times of Emergency, at the United Nations on April 21. Cahill, the director of the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs at Fordham, advocates for the importance of education in times of emergency relief, stating that education should receive equal funding and attention as basic needs such as medical aid and supplies in refugee camps.  The book contains 19 essays written by relief workers, experts in the field, and national leaders, several of whom were on hand at the launch to discuss the book with 65 distinguished guests.

Streep agrees with Cahill’s mission and the overarching statement of the book. She said, “”Young lives can be saved by the order and safety of school.  It lets children know: here you are safe. Here there’s understanding. Here there is care. Here there’s a future and here’s how you’re going to get there.”

The book, publishing in May, closes with a poem by Maya Angelou. The faculty and administration at Fordham is so convinced of the vitality and necessity of this book and its mission that it’s required reading for each entering Fordham freshman, transfer student, and graduate student this fall semester.

Fordham salutes Dr. Cahill and all who are involved in the efforts to bring education into the lives of those most in need.