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Save Money on Select Literary Titles During our White Sale!

18th May 2010

There’s still time to save big on select Fordham titles during our White Sale–running until May 31st!

Manhattan: Letters from Prehistory is the story of Hélène Cixous, a young French student who traveled to the US in 1965 to study the manuscripts of several beloved authors. The narrative shifts from the original journey, forward in time, and then back in memory, tracing the importance of writing and reading literature in our lives. It’s “an investigation of the power of Literature, of the ways in which fiction keeps secret what it seems to expose, lies and tells the truth at the same time. Hélène Cixous infuses this haunting story of deception with her unique poetic style, incisive wit, and philosophical acumen.”—Brigitte Weltman-Aron, University of Florida

NOW: $12 (was $24)

William Carlos Williams once said, “A poem can be made of anything.” On the Anarchy of Poetry and Philosophy: A Guide for the Unruly explores the meaning of art–in our modern culture, where are the boundaries? What is the difference between art and product? Gerald Bruns ruminates on the ways in which art becomes philosophy. In this provocative study, Bruns answers that the culture of modernism is a kind of anarchist community, where the work of art is apt to be as much an event or experience—or, indeed, an alternative form of life—as a formal object. In modern writing, philosophy and poetry fold into one another. In this book, Bruns helps us to see how.

NOW: $13 (was $25)

The Geoffrey Hartman Reader gathers the work of one of the most revered literary critics of the twentieth century into a collection of essays spanning the vast depth of his interests, including (but not limited to)  poetry, trauma studies, Romantic literature, and modern media. The book was the winner of the 2006 Truman Capote Award for Literary Criticism.

NOW: $10 (was $40.00)