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Be firm, rail over the river, to support those who lean idly, yet haste with the hasting current

24th May 2010

The Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most iconic structures in America, opened on May 24, 1883. It’s been immortalized in poetry, songs, and paintings. Today, it turns 127 years old!

Celebrate the Brooklyn Bridge with two Fordham Press titles:

Brooklyn Is: Southeast of the Island, Travel Notes is the first time James Agee’s prose poem to Brooklyn has been published in book form. The book also features a foreword by Brooklyn writer Jonathan Lethem.

Hart Crane’s ‘The Bridge’ is publishing in February 2011 and will be featured at Fordham’s booth at Book Expo America this week! Hart Crane’s long poem, “The Bridge,” debuted in 1930 and was immediately deemed an ambitious failure, a reputation that has proven difficult to repudiate.  However, many today regard the poem as one of the most influential masterpieces of the 20th century. Though its merits are now more widely appreciated, the poem is still difficult to digest. Finally, Hart Crane’s ‘The Bridge’, edited by Lawrence Kramer, offers valuable insights and resources for how to fully understand and appreciate the iconic work. The book offers all the modern student needs to elevate Crane’s poem to its intended heights.