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Katz's Celebrates 125 Years

3rd June 2013

This weekend Katz’s Delicatessen celebrated its 125th anniversary. Katz’s opened in 1888 and survived three depressions and two World Wars. An institution unto itself on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Katz’s shares in New York’s rich history. As waves of immigrants settled in New York’s Lower East Side, Katz’s became the center of the community. Still serving up bagels, lox and cream cheese, Katz’s is a must-see on the LES.

If you are interested in the history of the community that surrounds Katz’s, we recommend curling up with a pastrami sandwich and a copy of The Synagogues of New York’s Lower East Side or Mornings at the Stanton Street Shul. You’ll learn about the goldene medinah (promised land) that became home to many fleeing persecution, poverty, and oppression.