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A Veterans Day Tribute

10th November 2015

Veterans Day is a day where we stop to honor all those who have fought for our country, our freedom, and our safety.  Americans everywhere remember those who have lost their lives fighting in the War of Independence to form the United States, those who battled their own brothers in the war between the North and the South, and those who traveled internationally during both World Wars to fight for human dignity and the safety of our country and our world.  There have been countless wars in between and battles that we have fought to win.  We honor these men and women daily, but today is a day of remembrance. 

For those of you who are inspired by the heroism of these brave men and women, but would like to be more informed about the causes for which they risked their lives, check our Fordham Press’ website.  We have a wide variety of topics that you could read about and learn more about the struggles that our country has battled through in order to get where we are today.  University professors and experts in their fields have written about the wars in which America has been involved, so you can guarantee you will learn a great deal from their works.

Be sure to check out John J. Toffey IV’s book, Jack Toffey’s War: A Son’s Memoir.  “I see this book as the story my father never got to tell,” John Toffey writes. This story of a brave soldier will make anyone proud to be an American and grateful for the sacrifices that our soldiers make for our country. In this moving account of a young man’s journey to know a father who went to war in 1942 and never came back, John Toffey weaves memory, history, and his father’s vivid letters home into a fascinating tale of a family, a war, and the threads that connect them.

Also if you are in the New York City area on Veterans Day, come and attend Dr. John Whiteclay Chambers II’s “What’s New about Word War II: An Illustrated Presentation.”  This event is hosted by The College of Arts and Sciences and The Institute on World War II and the Human Experience at Florida State University, and Fordham University Press.  For more information and to RSVP, click here.