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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle discusses Brooklyn Bridge Park

15th August 2016

“It is remarkable that we have a park at all, and it is a remarkable park.”

In “Brooklyn Bridge Park: A Dying Waterfront Transformed” (Fordham University Press, Hardcover, $35.00), Emmy-award winning news producer and former Brooklyn Heights Press editor Henrik Krogius and lawyer and park leader Joanne Witty share the inspiring story of how democracy and human nature can transform a maritime wasteland into an urban treasure. More than a simple history of the park, this book digs beneath the surface to explore why and how this environmental masterpiece came to be.

The park was developed “through persistent community pressure and the working out of many differences both with government bodies and between neighborhoods,” Krogius told the Brooklyn Eagle in an earlier interview.

“It took pluck and luck on the part of many people to make it happen, and we tell some surprising stories in our book. ‘Brooklyn Bridge Park’ not only recounts the history but teases out its lessons and its significance. We hope it is a useful guide for other communities, and we believe it offers solutions that can be applied to important economic and planning issues around the world.”

Read the full article here.

Brooklyn Bridge Park: A Dying Waterfront Transformed is available to order on the Fordham University Press website.