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Arthur Ave named "Great Places in America" by APA

5th October 2016

On Tuesday October 4th, Arthur Avenue in the Bronx formally received its designation from the American Planning Association (APA) as one of five “Great Streets” on the APA’s annual “Great Places in America” list. Arthur Avenue is central to the Fordham community, conveniently located within a 10-minute walk from campus. Due to the large number of Italian immigrants who settled there in the 1950s, Arthur Ave has been considered the heart of “Little Italy” for decades. The street is rich with culture and local flavor, dotted with authentic Italian restaurants, delicatessens, bakeries, and more. Many students seek off-campus housing on or near Arthur Avenue due to the unique cultural experience and proximity to eateries such as Michaelangelo’s, Simon’s, Tino’s, and more. 

At Fordham Press, we are honoring our position within the Little Italy community with our recently curated series, “Critical Studies in Italian America“. This series focuses on the culture, history, and experience of Italian Americans in a variety of fields, such as anthropology, cultural studies, folklore, history, and media studies. While the series mainly features works about the United States, it also includes comparative literature and perspectives from other areas of the Italian Diaspora. Some noteworthy titles from this series include Pre-Occupied Spaces by Teresa Fiore (set to be released in February 2017), Chasing Ghosts by Louise DeSalvo (2015), and more.