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Carrier's COOL Decision to Keep Jobs in the US

30th November 2016

President-Elect Donald Trump announced that Carrier, the well-known air conditioner company, will keep 1,000 jobs in the United States instead of moving them to Mexico. This is great news for thousands of Indiana assembly line workers who depend on these jobs to feed their families. Trump is scheduled to travel to Indiana on Thursday 12/1 to confirm the deal.

In honor of Carrier’s decision, we’d like to highlight one of our titles by Salvatore Basile, COOL: How Air Conditioning Changed Everything. COOL is a narrative history of the development of air conditioning from its beginnings to its current state, with an emphasis on its reception by members of the public.

The story of air conditioning is actually two stories: the struggle to perfect a cooling device, and the effort to convince people that they actually needed such a thing.  With a cast of characters ranging from Leonardo da Vinci and Richard Nixon to Felix the Cat, COOL showcases the myriad reactions to air conditioning—some of them dramatic, many others comical and wonderfully inconsistent—as it was developed and presented to the world.  Here is a unique perspective on air conditioning’s fascinating history: how we rely so completely on it today, and how it might change radically tomorrow.

COOL is available for order here.