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Fordham Press author David J. Goodwin featured on Jersey Digs

26th October 2017

Author David J. Goodwin discusses Jersey City’s lost artistic potential and his new book, Left Bank of the Hudson: Jersey City and the Artists of 111 1st Street, published by Fordham University Press.

“The Lost Potential of Jersey City’s 111 1st Street”

Left Bank of the Hudson: Jersey City and the Artists of 111 1st Street, by David J. Goodwin, available from Fordham University Press

Author David Goodwin discusses the story and legacy of 111 1st Street, chronicled in his new book, Left Bank of the Hudson.

On Christopher Columbus Drive, among the row of murals between Barrow and Grove Streets, there is a poster that reads “111 1st Street”. It’s a temporary poster, adhered to the plywood that currently covers the ongoing expansion to South House Restaurant, and it momentarily connects the history of Jersey City to its present.The story of 111 1st Street is detailed in David Goodwin’s new book, Left Bank of the Hudson: Jersey City and the Artists of 111 1st Street.

Goodwin, a past chairman of the Jersey City Historic Preservation Commission, became interested in 111 1st Street shortly after he moved to Jersey City and witnessed what he saw as an architecturally interesting building being torn down. Left Bank of the Hudson chronicles the history of the P. Lorillard Tobacco Company, the artist community that sprung up in Jersey City’s rundown, post-industrial zone, the legal and political fight to save 111 1st Street and its community, and ultimately, the building’s demolition.”

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University Press Week (November 6-11, 2017)