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Top Ten Reads for Fall

16th August 2023



Raj’s honest and reflective writing grapples with the raw complexities and beauty of embracing one’s identity and allows any reader to draw a seat and be welcomed with love and joy at his family’s kitchen table.

—Diana Liu, New York State English Council


“Global Queens challenges us to think about the personal and economic ties that connect places near and far, crossing national borders on all parts of the globe, and about how we define a city and its people.

—Steven T. Moga, Smith College


Photographer Mensch documents the upheaval of downtown New York City’s working-class and immigrant communities from the 1980s to the 2000s with images of disasters and bulldozing.

Publishers Weekly, Fall Announcements


Felipe Luicano’s writing is a powerful and poetic soul scream from a man who is not supposed to be here. . . And yet, this Poet, Armed Revolutionary Leader, Composer, Musicologist, Award-winning Journalist lives on with powerful relevance in the world and on the brilliant, searing pages of Flesh and Spirit.

—Jamal Joseph, Professor of Professional Practice in Film, Columbia University; Black Panther Party New York 21


What a wonderous world Cahill has created full of pathos and driven by memorable characters and a divinely complex plot. Beyond the historical realities of post-war America, the novel—in extravagant and seductive prose—explores the interior lives of gay men eager for pleasure and desperate to push beyond their own perpetual suffering. Disorderly Men is an absolute triumph.

Amber Dermont, author of The Starboard Sea


“A brief, but amazingly thorough discussion of Lovecraft’s biography. . . Very accessible.”

W. Scott Poole, author of Dark Carnivals: Modern Horror and the Origins of American Empire


…Okpara unearths the way fissures shape and break us, move us and guide us, and ultimately push us towards a kind of healing that may not yet be named. This is a wise and graceful book that sits at the intersections of inter-generational time and space and serves as a suture of past and present.

Matthew Shenoda, author of The Way of the Earth


“She is a writer for the future, in that she defies genre.”

Hilton Als, author of White Girls


Powerful, funny at times, and consistently inspiring, Our Laundry, Our Town turns one artist’s journey into the story of AAPI communities and emergence of a movement over the past half-century. Alvin Eng’s engaging memoir looks back on the past to envision a better future.

DAVID HENRY HWANG, screenwriter and Tony Award–winning playwright of M. Butterfly


The ruins of factories and refineries in Buffalo, Detroit, and Pittsburgh offer new possibilities for revitalizing the Rust Belt, according to this architectural study from urbanist Campo.

Publishers Weekly

A listing of all our Fall books can be found here.

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