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Paustian Blog Post

Reframing Heroism: Megan Cole Paustian on Literature’s Role in Humanitarian Narratives

9th April 2024

(cover art by Femi J Johnson. Instagram: @femijj)

In today’s post, we’re excited to feature a discussion by Megan Cole Paustian, an insightful author and academic whose work, Humanitarian Fictions: Africa, Altruism, and the Narrative Imagination, explores the complex relationship between storytelling and humanitarian efforts in Africa. Paustian critiques the oversimplified ‘white savior’ trope and its impact on aid effectiveness, offering a compelling argument for the role of literature in imagining more equitable and nuanced approaches to humanitarianism. Her examination encourages a critical look at the stories that shape our understanding of aid and its recipients.

For a deeper dive into Paustian’s thought-provoking discussion, follow the link to the original post on the CIHA blog: Read Megan Cole Paustian’s Discussion.

Author Bio: Megan Cole Paustian is the author of Humanitarian Fictions: Africa, Altruism, and the Narrative Imagination. She is an associate professor of English at North Central College.