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New York, New York *(the city so nice they named it twice)

Empire State Editions appeals to a diverse audience from local New Yorkers to those interested in our vibrant city from anywhere in the world.

The Bronx is up, but the Battery's down

The people ride in a hole in the groun'

New York, New York, it's a wonderful town!

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Books in the Empire State Editions highlight the beauty, culture, diversity, and history of New York and the never-ending thirst for information about this global metropolis such as:

Boss of Black Brooklyn
America's Last Great Newspaper War
Eunice Hunton Carter
The Kingdom Began in Puerto Rico
Notable New Yorkers of Manhattan's Upper West Side

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"The citizenry of our nation has stepped forward, generation upon generation, to preserve scenic beauty and the diversity of natural life. Often, these achievements are dramatic and inspiring, as in the Palisades chronicle. With its public parkland and historic sites protected forever, the question remains: can we apply the same resolve to secure an even higher environmental goal: to save our Earth’s future?"—Larry Rockefeller (American Conservation Association)

"This book reminds us that conservation of our nation’s natural and historic assets never is easy, but always is possible if each generation places high value on the legacy it will leave for the next."—Former Senator Bill Bradley

"Bob Binnewies’ book is a tour de force about the history of a unique bi-state agency that has played a central role in the preservation of open space, including most recently, Sterling Forest in the heart of the New York Metropolitan area."—Jim Tripp (Environmental Defense Fund)

"Bob Binnewies has done a masterful job of capturing the spirit and chronicling the determination of those whose work has helped safeguard the magnificent landscape of the Hudson River. Palisades is a must for everyone involved in open space and wildlife habitat protection."—Patrick F. Noonan (Conservation Fund)

"In his compelling history, Bob Binnewies captures the drama of the creation of the Palisades Interstate Park by my grandfather and his peers as an excellent example of how public-private partnerships can produce lasting benefits."—Ann Perkins Cabot

Praise for Empire State Editions

“In presenting studies of what he regards as the most important unbuilt lines, Mr. Raskin encourages his readers to think about the adaptable nature of the city.”—Wall Street Journal

"Pamela Hanlon in her new book about the UN and New York City's evolving relationship. . . gives the sweeping developments surrounding the UN a particular locality and tells the story of postwar internationalism in a readable, human way."

The Nation

“. . . Thanks to Campo's unbiased writing, this is a great book of what the city used to be.”

Ink New York

"Minutely detailed. . . a 'case study' of the promises and drawbacks of pluralism.”—The New York Times Book Review

“In 'Walking New York', essayist Stephen Miller takes a look at the city's literary perambulators, examining the writing of Stephen Crane, Alfred Kazin and Teju Cole, among others, and offering an evolving portrait of New York through the centuries. 'Each Writer' Mr. Miller says in the book's preface, 'wanders a different city'.”

The New York Observer

In the News

The Element of Surprise

By FUPress | January 8, 2016

By Pamela Lewis, author of Teaching While Black: A New Voice on Race and Education in New York City (forthcoming in March 2016) It’s a few days after Christmas. Videos of children frenziedly shucking wrapping paper, ribbon and boxes for the gifts held inside fill my Facebook and Instagram feed …

Interview with Tom Glynn, author of Reading Publics

By FUPress | March 10, 2015

The Author’s Corner with Tom Glynn Tom Glynn is Anglo-American History and Political Science Selector in the Alexander Library at Rutgers University Libraries. This interview is based on his new book, Reading Publics: New York City’s Public Libraries, 1754-1911 (Fordham University Press, January 2015). JF: What led you to write Reading Publics? TG: I came to the history …

WSJ Book Review: The Routes Not Taken by Joseph B. Raskin

By FUPress | April 14, 2014

The Wall Street Journal BOOKSHELF Book Review: ‘The Routes Not Taken’ by Joseph B. Raskin By JULIA VITULLO-MARTIN April 11, 2014 The Second Avenue subway was first proposed in 1929. It will begin operation—perhaps—in 2016. Three things enabled the population density that made New York rich, diverse and dominant throughout …

Warm-Up-to-Winter Book Sale! (50% OFF)

By FUPress | January 31, 2014

NYT Bookshelf: Immigrants and Red Scare Case Studies

By FUPress | January 14, 2014

1/10/14 Bookshelf  | The New York Times By SAM ROBERTS “Their collective stories illuminate the personal costs of holding dissident political beliefs in the face of intolerance and moral panic,” Professor Deery writes, “and this is as relevant today as it was 70 years ago.” Back in the 1950s, when an …

American Historical Association – 128th Annual Meeting

By FUPress | January 3, 2014

Visit Fordham University Press and University of Washington Press at the American Historical Association Meeting (Booth #610) #aha2014 #AHAhistorians