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Event Ordering information

*To avoid expensive shipping charges, you must place your orders SIX weeks in advance.*

*Even though most events have gone virtual, many bookstores are offering titles featured at events for sale on their websites, or even requiring attendees to purchase a book before receiving the Zoom link for the event. The pandemic has also disrupted key points in the book supply chain. Therefore, please give us as much notice of your events as you can—preferably six weeks or longer.


  • To take advantage of your 40% author/contributor discount (on any FUP title), go to:
  • Enter the discount at checkout. If you do not have the author promo code to enter at checkout for 40% off, email [email protected].
  • Select the shipping option that works for you.


  • If you are having an event, notify FUP Marketing ([email protected] and [email protected]) at least TWO months in advance with the DATE, TIME, LOCATION, and URL LINK (if available) to the event page.
  • If your book is a new release and it is publishing close to the time of your event, we may need to make special arrangements to ship your book directly from the printer to the event.
  • If your book has already released, follow these guidelines:

If your event is at a bookstore in the US, Canada, or Latin America, have the bookstore order copies from our distributor, Ingram Content Group.

[email protected]


If you are selling books yourself, you have two options:

Option #1

  • Order your books at your 40% author discount at
  • Use the 40% off author promo code at checkout. (Email [email protected] if you do not have the code.)
  • Sell your books for cash. You set the price, so be sure to factor in shipping costs and be ready to make change!
  • If you would prefer to take credit card payments, you can look into getting a SQUARE.

Option #2

  • Order copies on consignment directly from FUP.
  • To set up a consignment order, contact:

Margaret Noonan ([email protected] / 646-868-4206)

  • After each event, email Margaret the number of books sold and she will email you an invoice.
  • Unsold copies can be kept for future events or returned to FUP.

If your event is outside the US, Canada, or Latin America, contact FUP Marketing ([email protected]) and we will put you in contact with one of our international distributors.