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Events Overview

  Start planning your event two to six months before your desired event date.

  Notify FUP Marketing two months before your event. ([email protected] and [email protected]

  Place your book order at least six weeks before your event.

  • Events are set up by the authors. Start planning your event TWO to SIX months before your desired event date. Try partnering with an organization/institution such as a library or bookstore. See our Virtual Events Guidelines page for tips.
  • We simply don't have the resources to do the event planning (including outreach) in-house.
  • If you are having an event, notify FUP Marketing ([email protected] and [email protected]) at least TWO months in advance with the DATE, TIME, LOCATION, and URL LINK (if available) to the event page.
  • We are more than happy to help with coordinating orders, but we need to have advanced notice—SIX weeks prior to the event to avoid expedited shipping charges. See our Event Ordering Information page.
  • We are also able to design and schedule the following eBlasts:
    • Save-the-date
    • eVite
    • Reminder eBlast
  • We can generate a special discount code for the event. For virtual events, the host should mention this at the beginning of the event and then again at the end of the event, and throw it in the chat.
  • We can create a sign with the discount code and a scannable QR code that takes the attendee to the book page.
  • We can also design a printable flyer with a special discount code for in-person events.
  • Additionally, we will create a bespoke social media campaign to promote the event (if the event is open to the public)

If you need assistance with any of the resources mentioned above, please reach out to Kate O'Brien-Nicholson ([email protected]) and Katie Sweeney Parmiter ([email protected])