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Some Suggestions for Marketing your Book

If you have not already filled out your author questionnaire, please do so. If you need a questionnaire, please download one here.


• If you have a blog or webpage, add links to the Fordham Press website and to online booksellers like Amazon.

• Start a Facebook page (it’s free and simple) to promote your book. You can import your contacts from your email. Then, post info about your book in your status message and profile. The same can be done with Twitter. You may link to Fordham Press’ Facebook profile and become a fan of Fordham Press’ Facebook page. We will periodically feature information about upcoming books and events.

• Does the topic of your book lend itself to the visual nature of Pinterest? Create a Pinterest board for your book.

• Are you on Instagram? Post some visual eye-candy about your book. Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fordham_press/

• Mention your book on any websites, listservs, or email groups in which you participate. Many of these listservs prohibit publishers from promoting your book, but welcome authors to do so.

• Let us know of any relevant blogs or websites in your field. We will send them information about the book and/or a review copy.

• Add a signature to your email address that reads: author of [title: subtitle] and then a link to our web page, an online bookseller, or “available from your local bookstore.”

• Have your friends, colleagues and family go to the online booksellers (amazon.com, bn.com and borders.com) and post positive reviews of your book.

• Go to similar books and post reviews that refer readers to your own book.

• Is the topic of your book related to an article on Wikipedia? There is often a “Further Reading” section in Wikipedia articles. You could edit the entry and add your book to that section.

• If you have questions or ideas for any online marketing venture, please contact: Kate O’Brien-Nicholson ([email protected]).

Traditional / In-store:

• Have your friends and family go to your local bookstore and ask for the book. If it is not available, have them special-order it. If enough customers do this, the book is likely to be added to stock. If you go into a bookstore that is carrying your book, switch it to “face-out” display so it’s more likely to get noticed!

• If something in your local paper refers to a topic addressed in your book, write a letter to the editor, or offer to write an op-ed piece, further elaborating on the topic.

• If you set up book signings or speaking engagements, let us know in advance (preferably two months) so that we can coordinate book sales.

• Contact your college or public librarian and ask them to order to your book.

• If you have any opportunity to sit on a panel on any annual meetings in your discipline, take it and use the opportunity to mention the book. We can support you by sending books and flyers. Try to give us two weeks to produce a flyer.

• Always carry a copy of your book with you to academic meetings. Sometimes shipping mishaps occur and a book is delayed or doesn’t show up. If you leave your copy at our exhibit stand we can display it and take orders.