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New York ReLit publishes reissues of historical, literary fiction about New York or written by authors from New York such as:

Quinn, Looking for Jimmy: A Search for Irish America

Quinn, Banished Children of Eve
Quinn, Hour of the Cat
Quinn, The Man Who Never Returned

Quinn, Dry Bones

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"A ripping good story . . . Political junkies will delight." —The Wall Street Journal

"A book to ponder, savor, and learn from, Cross Bronx is a notable contribution to New York's immigration history. It will stay with readers long after they put it down."—Irish Central

"If, as Peter Quinn contends, citizens of the Bronx are funny, earthy, 'in your face truth tellers' graced with an underlying dignity, then this delightful memoir is proof positive of Quinn's credentials as a native son. Cross Bronx is the wry, eloquent and relentlessly compassionate story of one Irish American life—which means, of course, it's about us all."—Alice McDermott

"Master storyteller Peter Quinn takes readers on a beautifully told journey through Bronx byways, political backrooms and corporate boardrooms. Along the way you’ll meet characters you won’t soon forget, from governors to CEOs to a charming young woman who beguiled Peter just as surely as this lovely book will beguile you."—Terry Golway, historian, author, and journalist

"Funny and entertaining on every page, Cross Bronx: A Writing Life is a witty tap dance from the streets of the Irish Bronx to the suites of corporate and government chieftains. Along the way, Peter Quinn makes important contributions to the historical record."—Paul Moses author of An Unlikely Union: The Love-Hate Story of New York's Irish and Italians