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Dante’s World: Historicizing Literary Cultures of the Due and Trecento

Edited by Teodolinda Barolini, Columbia University

This series publishes innovative and original work of a historicist bent on cultural and literary figures and intellectual currents of thirteenth- and fourteenth-century Italy.

Dante’s World embraces work on all aspects of the literary cultures thriving on the Italian peninsula in the two centuries straddled by Dante’s life. The series treats authors from Giacomo da Lentini and Guido Cavalcanti to Boccaccio and Petrarca. Books in the series consider theological, social, historical, economic, and philological topics and explore gender, rhetoric, and material culture.

Although this series extends well beyond Dante, at its methodological core is an attempt to reverse the essentialism that has been an abiding feature of Dante exegesis. Against that tradition, Dante’s World brings together a body of critical readings that are historically engaged and hermeneutically complex.

Series Advisory Board:
Maria Luisa Ardizzone
Albert Russell Ascoli
H. Wayne Storey
Jan M. Ziolkowski