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Donald McGannon Communication Research Center’s Everett C. Parker Book Series

Edited by Olivier Sylvain, Fordham University

The Donald McGannon Communication Research Center’s Everett C. Parker Book Series is devoted to the publication of research that addresses social and ethical issues in communications policy.  Media and communications industries and technologies have become an increasingly important part of economic, social, and political life.  Today, dramatic changes are reconfiguring these industries and technologies, with far-reaching implications for political and cultural institutions, citizens, and audiences.

This series seeks to publish research that can inform the work of policy makers, policy advocates, scholars, and students as they grapple with this rapidly changing communications environment and the variety of policy issues arising within it.  This series employs a broadly defined notion of communications policy, in that it considers not only scholarship addressing specific policy issues and processes, but also more broadly focused communications scholarship that has direct implications for policymaking.

This series is particularly focused on publishing inter-disciplinary work that integrates research and advocacy in support of communications policies that serve the public interest.  The series commemorates the work of Everett C. Parker, a founding figure in public interest communications policy activism and a pioneer in the linking of communications research with policy advocacy.

Series Advisory Board:
Patricia Aufdherheide, American University
Robert W. McChesney, University of Illinois
Robert B. Horwitz, University of California at San Diego
Ellen Goodman, Rutgers University School of Law
Jorge Schement, Rutgers University
Allen Hammond, Santa Clara University School of Law