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Virtual Event Guidelines

Try to partner with colleagues, your local bookstore, university, or another institution you would typically visit to host a “virtual book talk” to a specific department or organization on Zoom or another virtual platform. It would be best to focus your efforts on events with a built-in audience, such as campuses, libraries, professional associations, community organizations, etc.

Event organizers usually need anywhere from 2 to 6 months advance notice to plan an event. Event calendars fill up at varying rates depending on the venue, and planning events well in advance allows time to get the word out to different audiences. We are more than happy to support efforts by promoting any events on our website and social media.

We can also create an eBlast (save-the-date and/or eVite) or electronic flyer (pdf) for you to distribute to your network featuring your book and a discount code coupon for attendees to use when purchasing your book online. If you want to order copies of the book directly for an event, email Margaret Noonan: [email protected]. Please place the order six weeks in advance.

For virtual and in-person events, make sure you schedule them after your book’s pub date to ensure that you have copies of the book there.

When thinking about events, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Do you have contacts (students, family, friends, colleagues, etc.)? Event coordinators sometimes will ask if you have an invitation list?  (They want to make sure people will show up.)
  • Does your book have a unique tie-in to this city/school? Having a local angle also helps in setting up an event at a selective institution. Please make sure you notify your campus bookstore in case they want to order books to have on hand for the event (virtual, in-person, and hybrid). Follow up with the point persons a few days before with the event coordinator or campus bookstore a few days before your event.
  • When you have an event confirmed, email details to [email protected] (cc: [email protected]). *The sooner, the better, is always better.
  • Include the date, time, URL/address, zoom link, event coordinator’s name and email address, and other relevant information in the email. Someone on our team will reach out to the event organizer about coordinating our marketing & publicity efforts for the event.
  • If you or the bookstore/department/organization would like to order books directly from the Press, please email: Margaret Noonan at [email protected].