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Fordham University Press

Joseph A. Martino Hall

45 Columbus Avenue, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10023



Fredric Nachbaur, Director
(646) 868-4201
[email protected]

Will Cerbone, Editor, Rights & Permissions Manager
(646) 868-4203
[email protected]

Kathleen O'Brien-Nicholson, Associate Director; Marketing & Sales Director
(646) 868-4204
[email protected]

Katie Sweeney Parmiter, Marketing Manager
(646) 868-4205
[email protected]

Richard W. Morrison, Editorial Director
(646) 868-4208
[email protected]

Tom Lay, Senior Acquisitions Editor
(646) 868-4209
[email protected]du

John Garza, Assistant Editor
[email protected]

Eric Newman, Managing Editor
(646) 868-4210
[email protected]

Mark Lerner, Production and Design Manager
(646) 868-4202
[email protected]

Margaret Noonan, Business Manager
(646) 868-4206
[email protected]

Marie Hall, Assistant Business Manager
(646) 868-4207
[email protected]