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The Sustainable History Monograph Pilot (SHMP) is a Mellon-funded initiative to publish open digital editions of high-quality books from university presses in the field of history. Unlike many other Open Access (OA) pilots, SHMP transforms the publishing process and outputs, while focusing on a single academic discipline.


Tradition and Transgression in the Contemporary Roman Catholic Church

Jill Peterfeso

9780823288298, ePub | Available on Amazon | Nook | DigitalResearch@Fordham

[Paper available August 2020: 9780823288274]

Catholic Practice in North America


Inventing America's First Immigration Crisis

Political Nativism in the Antebellum West

Luke Ritter

9780823289868, ePub | Forthcoming September 2020

[Paper available December 2020: 9780823289851]

Catholic Practice in North America