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In partnership with Glassboxx, Fordham University Press has developed an app exclusively for reading ebooks purchased on this website. Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions about accessing ebook content.


Glassboxx Devices


Download the App

Use the Fordham University Press app to read to books on your desktop or mobile devices. Download the app for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS at the links below or on the Glassboxx downloads page.

*Instructions for installing macOS app.
  1. Download the dmg file
  2. Double click it and drag the Fordham University Press e-Reader icon to the Applications folder
  3. Open your Applications folder and click on the Fordham Univerzsity Press e-Reader icon

Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased an ebook from Fordham University Press. Now what? 

Once you have purchased an ebook from the Fordham University Press website, you will receive a confirmation email. The email will contain links to download our app to access your book.

Can I read or listen in the browser?

Yes.  You can read in the browser by logging in with your email address Browser Reader, available here or

Note: PDF may only be read in our mobile and desktop app.

I have downloaded the app. What next?  

Log in with your email address (no password is required) and all your purchased content will be displayed on the MY BOOKS screen.

If you already have the app, open it on your device and your newly purchased ebook will be displayed, together with any previous purchases, on the MY BOOKS screen.

Just tap on the cover image to start reading your new book.

How do I verify my email address to use the app? 

Once you have entered the correct email address, Glassboxx sends an email with a verification code to your email address. Copy/paste the verification code from the email into the verification screen in the app and tap VERIFY ME. You will then be taken to the MY BOOKS screen and then you can start using the app and reading to your book.

The email from Glassboxx has the subject ‘Your Glassboxx verification code’. You might need to check your Spam folder to see the verification email.

What is a verification code? 

You need a verification code to log into the app.

After you enter your email address on the login screen, we will send a verification code to the email address you entered. The email will come from Glassboxx and has the subject “Your Glassboxx Verification Code.” You might need to check your spam folder to see the verification email.

Copy and paste the code from the email into the verification screen and tap VERIFY ME. You will then be taken to the MY BOOKS screen, and you can start using the app to read your book.

Can I use another app to read my book? 

No. While our ebooks are available for purchase from other retailers or platforms, purchases made on the Fordham University Press website can only be enjoyed on our branded mobile or desktop apps, powered by Glassboxx.

I am having trouble logging in to the app. What should I do? 

If you are having problems logging in to the app—for example if you see the message “Email address not recognized”)—make sure the email address you are entering on the login screen is the email address used when making your purchase from our website. This may be different from  the one you are using for your app store account.

After following the steps above, if you continue to see the message ‘Email address not recognized’, please contact [email protected].

My mobile app is not loading content correctly. What do I do?

Open the mobile app and click on the three dots (…) located at the bottom of the screen. Choose LOGOUT and enter your email address. Choose LOGIN and enter the verification code sent to your email. Your content should now load.

I have a new device; how do I transfer my new books to it? 

Just download our app from the app store, log in with the email address used when you purchased your books, and you will find them under MY BOOKS.

Can I return or exchange my ebook or audiobook purchase? 

All sales are final. There are no returns or refunds on ebook sales.

Can I share or give my book with someone else? 

No, our ebook cannot be copied, shared, or printed. This is to protect the rights of the authors and the book publisher.

Can I copy or print my book? 

No, the books using this service are copy protected and cannot be copied or printed.

What is Glassboxx? 

Glassboxx is a service for publishers and retailers to efficiently sell and deliver ebooks to readers.

I have received a discount coupon code for an ebook or audiobook. How do I use it? 

You can apply your valid discount coupon code during checkout when you purchase an ebook on this website.

Can I purchase more than one ebook at a time? 

Yes, you can purchase multiple ebooks at once.

Can I purchase ebooks in the same transaction as a print book? 

No. You will have to complete separate transactions for print and eBooks.

About ebook File Formats

Fordham University Press publishes ebooks in ePub and PDF formats. Some exclusions may apply.


An ePub file is an ebook that is readable on most devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Most of our titles are best viewed in a reflowable, ePub format. These may be read in our mobile or desktop app, available for download here. You can also use the Browser Reader, available here or


PDF format is available for many of our books and is sold separately. PDF might be preferred by those who wish to read on a desktop or prefer a fixed layout, particularly with textbooks, highly illustrated books, or titles with mathematical formulas. These may be read in the Fordham University Press mobile or desktop app, available for download here. (Note: Our PDF books cannot be read using the Browser Reader.)

If you have any questions about formats or if your device is compatible please email us at [email protected].


Read about Glassboxx, Ltd.’s commitment to accessibility.

Contact Customer Service

If you have other questions about your ebook purchase(s) from this website, or if you need assistance with the app, please contact Customer Service at [email protected]