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Statement from Fordham University Press on Adopting the Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion (C4DISC) in Scholarly Communications Statement of Principles

Fordham University Press is dedicated to fostering inclusivity, diversity, and equity in scholarly publishing. Our adoption of the C4DISC Statement of Principles aligns with the mission of Fordham University, which emphasizes academic excellence, social justice, and knowledge in the service of others.

By adopting the C4DISC Statement of Principles, we reaffirm our commitment to core values:

  • Diversity: We publish works that represent diverse perspectives, ensuring a wide range of voices are heard and valued.
  • Equity: We provide fair and equal opportunities for scholarly communication, regardless of background, race, gender, nationality, or institutional affiliation.
  • Inclusion: We create an inclusive publishing environment where all individuals feel welcome to contribute their unique insights and knowledge.
  • Transparency: We maintain transparency in our publishing practices, including peer review processes, authorship guidelines, and editorial policies.
  • Collaboration: We collaborate with like-minded organizations and initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in scholarly communications.

Our adoption of these principles is the first step in an ongoing journey toward a more inclusive scholarly publishing landscape. We actively seek feedback, listen to our community, and adapt our practices to align with these principles.

Through our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we aim to advance knowledge and ensure that scholarly publishing is accessible to all, reflecting the diversity of our world.