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Monographs remain the preeminent form of scholarly publication in the humanities and humanistic social sciences, but the funding model is broken. TOME (Toward an Open Monograph Ecosystem) seeks to address this problem by moving us toward a new, more sustainable system in which monograph publishing costs are met by institutionally funded faculty book subsidies. These publication grants make it possible for presses to publish monographs in open access editions, which increases the presence of humanities and social science scholarship on the web and opens up knowledge to a truly global readership.

The Mathematical Imagination

On the Origins and Promise of Critical Theory

Matthew Handelman

9780823283842, ePub | [email protected]

[Paper available: 9780823283828]




Biopolitics and the Unintelligibility of Okinawan Life

nnmaria M. Shimabuku

9780823282678, ePub | [email protected]

[Paper available: 9780823282654]