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New York ReLit publishes reissues of historical, literary fiction about New York or written by authors from New York such as:

Quinn, Banished Children of Eve
Quinn, Hour of the Cat
Quinn, The Man Who Never Returned

Quinn, Dry Bones


Coming this SPRING

"The reissue of Elizabeth Cullinan’s short-story collection, Yellow Roses, marks her long-overdue return to the first rank of American writers. Her complex, richly drawn characters—aspiring writers, doomed lovers, ambivalent Jesuits—straddle the outer-borough world of ethno-religious certainties and the tumultuous possibilities of a culture and city caught up in revolutionary changes. The timeless quality of Cullinan’s writing—its immediacy and authenticity—elevates her storytelling into literature. Her honest, unsparing observations of her East Bronx, Irish-Catholic upbringing echo James Joyce’s achievement in the Dubliners. Yellow Roses is a cause for celebration.”

—Peter Quinn

“The return to print of Elizabeth Cullinan's Yellow Roses is a great gift to those of us who love the short story form. Place these eloquent, melancholy tales with their fraught humor and their tangled families, their complex emotional wisdom, beside the best of Anton Chekov or Frank O'Connor or Alice Munro and they will more than hold their own. Cullinan reminds us of how the writer's art can illuminate the ordinary moment, pierce the heart of the unspoken, transform dailiness into the stuff of revelation and grace.”

—Alice McDermott

“Elizabeth Cullinan is a master of a style both vivid and austere, a vision that is decidedly female, searching always for large ideas, large meanings. She opened the door to an understanding of a cohort under represented in American literature: the Irish Catholic woman torn between her hungers and her sense of duty, finally unable to grasp what she desires.”

—Mary Gordon