DIVE INTO Summer Reading


By turns hilarious and damning, this provocative collection evokes memories of summer camp, reframes nostalgia, and activates Camp sensibilities. Kidd, Mason, and their contributors blend queer pedagogy, critical theory, and creative nonfiction to create a memorable work of scholarship.

Midden is a poetic excavation of loss, a carving of the landscape of memory, and a reckoning with and tribute to the ghosts we carry and step over, often without our even knowing it.

Cathay not only enables us more fully to appreciate a canonical work of Modernism but also resituates the art of Pound’s translations by recovering the historical circulations that went into the making of a multiply authored and intrinsically hybrid masterpiece.

Through an interdisciplinary cultural approach, Pre-Occupied Spaces finds traces of globalization in a past that may hold interesting lessons about inclusiveness for the present.