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Rachel Ida Buff and Alejandra Oliva at Boswell Book Company

Brooklyn Book Festival 2020

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Inspiring Reads for Activists

Without Peter Maurin, there would be no Catholic Worker movement. His  meeting and teaching Dorothy Day gave her the spiritual and intellectual  grounding in Catholicism that she needed and together they began the  movement that continues to challenge us.  In The Forgotten Radical Peter Maurin, Lincoln Rice has compiled the definitive version of Maurin’s  'Easy Essays,' showing both the  scholar and the general  reader how Maurin’s words have relevance as we navigate the perils of  the twenty-first century."—Rosalie Riegle, author of Dorothy Day: Portraits by Those Who Knew Her on The Forgotten Radical Peter Maurin: Easy Essays from the Catholic Worker

“This book is a magic lantern that brings Dorothy Day to life in all her miraculous humanity. Vivian Cherry’s photographs and Kate Hennessy’s moving text capture Day, with striking intimacy, in all the roles that defined her: as a woman of prayer and protest, companion of the poor, doting grandmother, and leader of the Catholic Worker family. Together with selections from Day’s own writings, they transport us into a world in which seemingly ordinary people have tried, with extraordinary faith, to live as if the gospel were true.”—Robert Ellsberg, editor of Dorothy Day: Selected Writings on Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker: The Miracle of Our Continuance


The Role of University Presses in American Society

Book Culture Capture
A conversation at BookCulture with university press authors & editors from Fordham Press, NYU Press and Columbia University Press on BookTV.




Fordham University Press is committed to furthering the values and traditions of the University through the dissemination of scholarly research and ideas.


Dylan Rodriguez, 2020 Freedom Scholar

The $3 million Freedom Scholars program is a commitment to scholarship that is rooted in and supports movements led by Black and Indigenous people, migrants, queer and poor people, and People of Color. The awards support scholars who are shifting the balance of power to families and communities that have been historically excluded from the resources and benefits of society.

Dylan Rodríguez's White Reconstruction: Domestic Warfare and the Logics of Genocide is available from FUP this fall.

Pushing against the limits of liberal rationalism, Crépon calls for a more radical understanding of interpersonal responsibility. Not just a work of philosophy but an engagement with life as it’s lived, Murderous Consent works to redefine our global obligations, articulating anew what humanitarianism demands and what an ethically grounded political resistance might mean.

A major intervention in critical plant studies, Radical Botany reveals the centuries-long history by which science and the arts have combined to posit plants as the model for all animate life and thereby envision a different future for the cosmos.

Mark Wallace’s recovery of the bird-God of the Bible signals a deep grounding of faith in the natural world. The moral implications of nature-based Christianity are profound. All life is deserving of humans’ care and protection insofar as the world is envisioned as alive with sacred animals, plants, and landscapes.