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Q&A with FUP Intern, Siobhan Greene

16th November 2023

Sg Headshot 2023 02 07 At 11.09.15 Am

1. Could you describe your current position as an intern? What are some of your responsibilities?

As an intern at FUP my main responsibility was securing and keeping up with peer reviews. Any book from a university press will have been read and critiqued by someone in the author’s field. I was responsible for reaching out to prominent academics for reviews and keeping in communication with the reviewers until they were paid. I also worked with artists who provided the art for book covers. This was a similar process to reviewers where I would remain in communication with them until they had been paid and I was responsible for gathering the forms to make the payments. I also work on creating memos for presenting books that are being considered for publication.

2. What are some skills you’ve learned? How might you describe your experience?

I was delighted that my experience at FUP worked so well with my coursework. I took a course entitled Geographies of the Book in Spring 2023 which explored globalization and the publishing world. Interning at FUP helped me to identify certain intentions of publishers. For example, footnotes suggest that a book is for more of an academic readership while endnotes suggest that the publishers may have thought that the work could appeal to a more general readership. Small aspects of the modern publication process helped me to better understand book history.

3. In what ways has your internship affected your understanding of publishing? Has your internship influenced your plans for the future?

I joined the English Master’s program with the intention of entering the publishing sphere after graduation. Having completed the internship, I feel much better prepared to enter the world of publishing and I have valuable experience on my resume.

4. What has been your favorite aspect of interning?

My favorite aspect of interning has been talking to prominent scholars and authors whose work I often read in class. To me, it feels a little like meeting a celebrity. Working on these books also means you get to see the advice that these academics are giving to each other.

My best advice is to stay on top of your email, don’t be afraid to follow up, and keep your own spreadsheets and corresponding calendar.

5. What advice might you have for other Masters students who are considering interning?

Interning at FUP takes a good amount of organization and attention to detail. There is a great support system in place but you will have responsibilities that impact the reputation of FUP. It’s important to be responsive, polite, and have your own tracking system so that reviewers are happy to work with us again in the future. My best advice is to stay on top of your email, don’t be afraid to follow up, and keep your own spreadsheets and corresponding calendar.

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