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Library Market overview

1) Our distributor, Ingram, works to make our titles available to local and institutional libraries by:

  • Including titles in their catalog.
  • Operating library-specific distribution channels.
  • Providing online ordering platforms for librarians.
  • Offering collection development support.
  • Providing cataloging and processing services.
  • Utilizing an extensive distribution network.
  • Conducting marketing and promotions targeting libraries.
  • Building relationships with libraries and associations.

These efforts streamline the book acquisition process for libraries and enable them to access a wide range of titles efficiently.

2) FUP makes our content/eBooks available on the leading digital platforms, including JSTOR, Project MUSE, Proquest, EBSCO, UPSO, and DeGruyter. Libraries subscribe to various digital platforms and databases to provide their patrons with access to a wide range of scholarly and educational content.

3) FUP has also partnered with Edelweiss Plus, a powerful platform for publishers like us, to promote our lead titles to various audiences, including librarians, journalists, bloggers, and more. When it comes to reaching librarians specifically, here's how the platform works:

  •  Digital Catalogs: FUP creates comprehensive digital catalogs that showcase our upcoming releases, giving librarians a detailed preview of our titles.
  •  Tailored Selections: Edelweiss Plus provides collection development tools that empower librarians to curate personalized selections based on their library's needs and interests.
  •  Review Copies: Librarians have the opportunity to access digital review copies and galleys through the platform, allowing them to evaluate our books before making acquisition decisions.
  •  Librarian Community: Edelweiss Plus offers a vibrant community where librarians can connect with fellow professionals, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities.