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Groundworks: Ecological Issues in Philosophy and Theology

Forrest Clingerman and Brian Treanor, Series Editors

Connecting areas of philosophical, theological, and ecological concern, Groundworks seeks to provide a home for books addressing some of the most profound issues of our day.  It would be easy to attribute the ecological crises that confront us to unrestricted growth, unsustainable consumption, or technological overreach. At the root of them all, however, is the question of how human beings belong in and to the world. Groundworks is animated by the belief that philosophy, theology, and ecology each have something distinctive to say about this belonging, that they also have much to say to one another, and that the intersections among them demarcate a territory sorely in need of exploration.

Series Advisory Board: Series Board: Richard Kearney (Boston College), Harvey Jacobs (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Catherine Keller (Drew University), Mark Wallace (Swarthmore College), Norman Wirzba (Duke Divinity School), David Wood (Vanderbilt University)