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The Real Pacific

14th May 2010

The Pacific is a hit series from HBO that centers on the fighting in the Pacific during World War II. The 10-part miniseries is produced by Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and Gary Goetzman, and chronicles the true stories of 3 Marines as they fight in the Pacific theater. The finale of this stirring series airs this Sunday, May 16th at 9 pm on HBO, but you can learn more about the true stories in several Fordham titles:

Going to War with Japan 1937-1941 examines just how Japan came to attack the US in the fateful Pearl Harbor bombing of December 7, 1941, taking an in-depth look at the pivotal years leading up to the explosion.

The Diary of Prisoner 17326: A Boy’s Life in a Japanese Labor Camp is the memoir of a young man’s time spent in a Japanese labor camp during the invasion of the Dutch East Indies. John Stutterheim was taken prisoner in Java when he was only 15 years old. During his time at the camp, he hid a diary in his mattress, where he recorded the shocking details of his day-to-day life as a child prisoner.

America’s Japan: The First Year–1945-1946 tells the story of Grant Goodman, one of the few non-Japanese Americans trained to read, write, and speak Japanese, serving in Japan as an intelligence officer under General Douglas MacArthur. In his capacity, he was able to understand Tokyo and its people better than almost any other American there during that time. His book provides valuable insight into a people and a history.This title is part of the White Sale. Get it now for $6.25!