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Grand Concourse Considered for NYC's Next Historic District

25th June 2010

The city is considering designating part of the Grand Concourse in the Bronx a historic district in recognition of the area’s distinctive Art Deco architecture, as well as the singular role the Concourse has played in the history of the Bronx (NYT, Cityroom Blog).

The proposed Grand Concourse Historic District in the Bronx passed a hurdle, too, completing its mandatory public hearing on Tuesday, bringing it one step closer to actual designation. Other finalized landmarks include two Bronx structures: the seven-story Haffen building in Melrose, and the Noonan Plaza Apartments on 168th Street, considered one of the best Art Deco rental complexes in the Bronx.

Traveling the Concourse today offers a lesson in architecture, history, and sociology as you see the faces and places that call it home. It is truly New York, but more important, authentically the Bronx. You can’t experience the Bronx until you travel the Grand Boulevard and Concourse, and Fordham University Press’s book, Intersections: The Grand Concourse at 100 Years gives you this opportunity.

To read more about the Grand Concourse, see the June 22, 2010 article,“As Concourse Regains Luster, City Notices”, fromThe New York Times.