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A Trip to the Bronx Zoo

21st November 2010

Last weekend proved to be the perfect weather for a trip to the zoo–the Bronx Zoo, to be precise. Fordham has a strong tie to the zoo–at one time, the land that now comprises the zoo was owned by Fordham, until it was sold to the City of New York with the stipulation that land be used for a zoo and garden. The Bronx Zoo (then known as the New York Zoological Park) officially opened to the public on November 8, 1899 and has since grown to be the United States’ largest metropolitan zoo.

This past weekend, we were treated to both lion cubs AND tiger cubs, as well as a visit to the Mouse House and the Monkey House.

The trees were aflame with color and the entire lion family was enjoying the final warmth of a November afternoon.

One of the new tiger cubs explores his Bronx habitat.

Degus cuddle.

The monkeys were too fast for my camera!

For more on the animals we share our planet with:

In The Animal Therefore I Am, Derrida ponders the distinction, dating back to Descartes, between animals and humans. Derrida pulls apart the idea that thought separates all animals into a broad category of “other” from humans, wondering what his cat is thinking as she follows him into the bathroom each morning. It’s a profound investigation into being and thought, and the nature of rationality.