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Writing a Book Proposal and Choosing a Publisher

11th May 2011

Last week, Helen Tartar, Editorial Director, Fordham University Press, gave a presentation at the Walsh Library on Fordham University, Rose Hill Campus. She addressed questions facing academic authors as they go about publishing their first scholarly books.  Here is what Ms. Tartar had to say: 

Photo by Bruce Gilbert

Last weekend, as we were driving out to get cat food, my husband commented that a friend’s wife, a psychoanalyst, had called him for help with one of her patients, who was trying to complete her first book but was completely blocked. Could my husband, who is a developmental editor, offer any advice?

“Well,” he reported replying, “I’m not very good at dealing with existential terror. But I’ll see what I can do.”

Our conversation immediately turned to how he might suggest ways to get the patient to view the project as a matter of work in the most positive sense . . . READ MORE

By Helen Tartar, Editorial Director, Fordham University Press
Fordham University, May 5, 2011